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September 29, 2014 , ,

With October a few days away the big topic in the Nation is Disney themed pumpkins.The most popular has been the 3D Mickey. So I did a little research and was able to create directions! This can be done using real or fake pumpkins, but remember to wait until close to Halloween if you use real pumpkins to avoid rot!

10382741_799780262993_5920747823745246494_n1. To make the ears, attach 2 small pumpkins to a medium-size pumpkin with a 3/4-inch wooden dowel (use a drill to make holes in each). You can also glue the ears at the dowels for added support.
2.  For the face use the pattern in the article and  small knife with a serrated blade or a pumpkin-carving saw, remember sharper isn’t better when it comes to carving real pumpkins.
~If you carve the face completely remember to use a battery powered light to illumination your Mickey.
~To  Surface Carve the face start by taping the pattern to your pumpkin, and poking a line pattern along your pattern into the pumpkin, once the pattern is completely “poked out” remove the paper. Then place the pumpkin in your lap and with a V blade tool carve the outline of the pattern. Using a U blade carve the rest of the pattern.

If you add eyelashes and a hair bow to your pumpkin you have Minnie!
*Pattern from Disney Family Fun*



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