Saying Goodbye to Frozen Summer Fun at Hollywood Studios


Last night, the Frozen Summer Fun event wrapped up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were at opening day, but actually that was on July 5th. Time flies when you’re having fun! I know a lot of people are over the Frozen hype, but truthfully, the Frozen Summer Fun added some much needed excitement to Hollywood Studios these past few months. Between the cupcakes, little morning parade, sing a long (which is staying), DJ Chill and band at night, and the beautifully done fireworks at night….. it was a good thing.



Out of all of the festivities, the Frozen fireworks were my favorite. The stage show beforehand wasn’t a favorite for my kids after they had seen it a few times, but the fireworks never got old. The Frozen fireworks were choreographed perfectly to some of our favorite songs from the movie, and they really couldn’t have done a better job. We went to see the fireworks at the Studios probably a dozen times, and loved it each and every visit. Oh, and the “snow” falling afterwards was a perfect ending to a fun day.


So, now that Frozen Summer Fun is over…. What’s next for Hollywood Studios? Well, with the Backlot Tour closing, and American Idol also gone, looks like they’re making room for more great attractions for guests to enjoy. We’ll stay on top of the latest news there, of course. Thanks Frozen Summer Fun for making our summer a bit more enjoyable this year, you will be missed….. especially those fireworks! I hope they bring them back for an encore someday!

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