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September 24, 2014 ,

Disney-Movie-ClubThe Disney Movie Club (DMC) is a popular topic currently in TMSM Fan Nation. Members mentioning their movies have arrived, others asking about what the Movie Club is and how it works. Lately though there has been a good number of people trying to understand this Disney option so we felt we would break it down for you in a easy to understand way.

The DMC is a way for Disney fans to order animated and live action Disney Studio movies from their homes. Movies can come in DVD or BluRay format, that option is up to you. Part of the allure of signing up is the introductory offer, which is almost always 4 DVD movies for $1.  To join you just visit their website, for DVD visit and BluRay  visit
Once you are on their site you want to enter your promo code if you have one (these come in Disney mailers etc.) or Click “Don’t have one” so that the system will discount your movies.The DMC system then tells you to choose your four movies from a rather impressive selection, also giving you bonus options to add additional movies, one for $14.95 and the next for $9.95. Once your cart is full and you enter your personal information you are taking to the billing area, your order is processed and your account officially open.

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Seems simple doesn’t it? Well yes and no? Now that you have an account you have to but 5 regular priced movies from the club in the next 24 months and pay the shipping for those. You can pick any 5 movies you want, but they need to meet the price guidelines to apply, $19.95 per DVD, $29.95 for Blu-ray. So say you are on the DVD program, and there is a buy 1 DVD for 19.95 get every other DVD after that on this order is half-priced and you order 6 movies. Only ONE of those movies will apply to your 5 required movies. Each movie you purchase at regular Club prices counts as one unit toward fulfilling your membership agreement.

3Now, let’s say you don’t want to order movies already available to fulfill your five. No problem! About every four weeks you receive an email or USPS mail with info on the next upcoming “Featured Title” which is usually a new release. You can choose to receive the Featured Title, an alternate, or no movie at all. BUT, you want to make sure you “DECLINE” movies you don’t want because if you don’t reply they will just send you the movie. This by the way is where I tend to mess up. The email comes to my “junk email” account that I rarely check, and the mailers tend to end up in the recycling or under other important mail, so needless to say we have a few movies we never planned on buying.

4Thirty days after you fulfill your five regular movie selections you become a V.I.P. Member, basically meaning you will now get MORE discount offers, but will also still have to Decline the monthly Featured Title if you don’t want it. VIP special offers include weekly pin offers with purchase of movie, select movies at steep discount etc.  Another unique part of DMC is the exclusive movies and sets only they carry.



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