Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Frozen On Ice


This past weekend, my mom and I surprised my 6 year old sister, Hailee, with a trip to Frozen on Ice. It has been a secret since the start of summer, but let me tell you that it was well worth the wait to see the huge smile on her face when she realized what we were doing!


The greatness started as soon as we walked into the arena. We were greeted by the super awesome and peppy workers. The two guys who checked our tickets were super awesome! They showed us to our seats, which were pretty much center ice. The whole time we were there, they would call Hailee a princess which of course made her feel extra special. They knew how to make people happy!

We were some of the first people to get into the arena to get some pictures of the ice. Another super awesome worker let me come down to the floor to get some pictures! How cool is that?! I got some great pictures of the ice as well as some of my family. Thanks to ALL of the super awesome workers who helped make this show extra magical!

Frozen on ice collage

Now onto the show! The whole thing was super cute! It was pretty much a retelling of the movie. The show opens up with everyone’s favorite hosts; Mickey and Minnie! They bring out all of their friends and start the show! When you see Anna and Elsa for the first time, when young Anna is waking Elsa up, you know it’s going to be an amazing show!

Frozen on ice collage2

The whole show was just super cute. I couldn’t look away! Anna and Elsa’s dresses were the prettiest! Since Olaf and Sven are big parts in the movie, they make their appearance. In the beginning, there was even a baby Sven! You were seeing Anna and Kristoff fall in love right before your eyes! You saw Hans whip out his sword in attempt to kill Elsa in front of you! The special effects were amazing!

Frozen On Ice Merchandise

Well of course we had to leave with a souvenir. Even though it’s FROZEN on Ice, I ended up getting a snow cone in a Rapunzel cup since it was too cute! Hailee got a snowflake light up wand which goes perfectly with her Elsa dress. Hailee wanted a snow cone as well so we got hers in an Olaf head cup to give to my little brother, Aidan. (This was a girls day out so dad and Aidan didn’t come)

The overall show was amazing. We all loved it! Especially Hailee considering how much she loves Frozen. All of our favorites were in the show; Frozen and non-Frozen. If you have tickets for the show, you will absolutely love it. Every one of all ages loved it. Even the adults loved it, it was just that cute!

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