How Well Do You Know… The Princess and the Frog?

Here we have another quiz for you to try from the Disney Insider.

You don’t often get to see a fairy tale based in the United States, especially one full of great music with a Southern flair. We’re talking about The Princess and the Frog, of course, and how leading lady, Tiana, went from a waitress, to a frog, to a princess (and restaurant owner). Of course, she did have a little help from a Voodoo priestess, a frog, a firefly and a trumpet-playing alligator along the way.

Get your toes tapping, and your hands clapping and see if you’re a Princess and the Frog expert:


1. Prince Naveen is from what county?

a. Macedonia
b. Malta
c. Monaco
d. Maldonia

2. During what decade does most of the movie take place?

a. 1920s
b. 1940s
c. 1960s
d. 1980s

3. What food that young Tiana makes does her father invite the neighborhood to come taste?

a. Po’Boy
b. Red beans and rice
c. Gumbo
d. Grits

4. What’s the name of Ray’s “girlfriend”?

a. Lotte
b. Tiana
c. Mama Odie
d. Evangeline

5. Big Daddy La Bouff is voiced by the same person who voiced which Pixar character?

a. Mr. Incredible
b. Woody
c. Buzz
d. Sulley

6. When Tiana sings “Almost There,” what does she dream about owning?

a. A trolley car
b. A Restaurant
c. A voodoo parlor
d. A dress shop

7. Who provides the voice for Tiana’a mother, Eudora?

a. Whoopi Goldberg
b. Oprah Winfrey
c. Anika Noni Rose
d. Jennifer Hudson

8. Tiana is asked to make what dessert for the ball?

a. Chocolate chip cookies
b. Beignets
c. Creme Brulee
d. Bananas Foster

9. Who is the princess of the Mardi Gras Parade?

a. Lotte
b. Tiana
c. Mama Odie
d. Evangeline

10. Fill in the blanks from “Dig a Little Deeper”: “_____ and _____. Guaranteed!”

a. Frogs, Alligators
b. Love, Happiness
c. Blue Skies, Sunshine
d. Hugs, Kisses

11. According to Dr. Facilier, where does he have “friends?”

a. Everywhere
b. Around the corner
c. On the other side
d. In the graveyard



1. d. Maldonia
2. a. 1920s
3. c. Gumbo
4. d. Evangeline
5. d. Sulley
6. b. A Restaurant
7. b. Oprah Winfrey
8. b. Beignets
9. a. Lotte
10. c. Blue Skies, Sunshine
11. c. On the other side



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