Disneyside Dog’s Day ~ This morning at the MK, exclusive video from Big Fat Panda!

August 30, 2014


Oh MY this is the cutest thing! Early this morning at the Magic Kingdom, Disney hosted their first ever Disneyside Dog’s Day event! Lucky pet owners (who were pre-selected) were able to bring their furry friends to the Magic Kingdom to strut their stuff up and down Main Street. Our friend Big Fat Panda was on the scene, and got some exclusive video of this mornings event. We appreciate Panda sharing this with us for all to see! Be sure to check out Panda’s other videos on his YouTube Channel, they’re always so well done. Thanks, and enjoy the video of “Disneyside Dog’s Day” below! ~M

Does your dog have a Disney Side? See them dressed up inside the Magic Kingdom during this unique opportunity where the Magic Kingdom has gone to the dogs – literally!
Inside the park, dogs and owners walk the “green carpet” (with fire hydrants) on Main Street U.S.A., enjoy! ~Big Fat Panda

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