Happy Birthday To Jack Kirby!!!

I wanted to mention one more thing before August 28th comes to a final close.  I feel horrible honestly for not catching this earlier.  Today was Jack Kirby’s 97th Birthday.  Now I’m sure there are plenty of people wondering who exactly is Jack Kirby.  Have you heard of Captain America, The Hulk, Thor or Iron Man?  Well Jack created them.  If you have watched a Marvel film, you will have seen his name somewhere in the credits or in the opening of the film.  There are plenty of people who have argued Stan Lee was Marvel others who say Jack Kirby was Marvel.  I’m not here to debate either point.  I just want to acknowledge one of the greatest Comic Book men of all time.


Jack “King” Kirby, is one of the greatest artists of all time and a driving force behind countless Marvel heroes and villains. During his unbeatable run with Marvel in the 1960’s, Kirby helped define characters ranging from the Avengers to the X-Men to the Fantastic Four and beyond. But aside from his titanic run during that first major “Marvel Age,” Kirby also made his Marvelous mark during the Golden Age of Captain America and later on in the 1970’s as well.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby circa 1965
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby circa 1965

Jack’s fingerprint in the history of Marvel is still there today with the legacy he left.  if you are a fan of the Marvel films, the television show, the comics themselves, Jack Kirby has a part somewhere in all of it.  Sadly, he never got to see what has become of the characters he helped create as the world lost Jack on February 6, 1994, but his legacy will never die.

I promise I will do a longer blog soon about the details of Jack and tell you more about this great man as I believe it’s deserved.

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby and THANK YOU for everything you did with your mind, your vision and your pencil.

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