‘Light Painting’ Once Again Takes Art into Midair Inside Magic Kingdom Park

August 15, 2014 ,

Light Painting has returned to the Magic Kingdom Park and Gary Buchanan, Social Media Managing Editor has the details.

Last month I had the pleasure of introducing our readers to two of our creative cast members, Paul Chase and Matt Stewart, and their Disney Parks version of “light painting.”

Paul, a Disney Parks Content Producer, and Matt, a Yellow Shoes Creative Group Art Director, spent an evening in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort with colored LED penlights. Just like before, Matt “drew” in midair (without a guide or template), while Paul made magic behind the camera using long camera exposures that captured every move of the penlights. There were no chances to “erase” a mistake.

In the first Disney Parks Blog post about their unique artwork, I promised a second edition of their work, and here it is.


In this edition, Paul and Matt give fairy wings to guests, create a few classic Mickey Mouse drawings, and even head to space (or at least Pizza Planet) with one of the famous aliens from “Toy Story.” And no collection of space art would be complete without the galaxy’s most famous villain, Darth Vader.

In fact, one of Lord Vader’s famous lines comes to my mind when I see their work: “Impressive. Most impressive.”

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(*Note: Matt and Paul were in a very controlled environment with proper personnel on-site. If you attempt an artful creation like this, please insure proper safety measures are taken.)

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