Winnie the Pooh-etry

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We make no secret of it—we’re basically obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and his pals from the Hundred Acre Wood. We sometimes have a difficult time expressing our love for all things Pooh in everyday speech, and because of this, we decided there was only one acceptable course of action… Pooh-etry.


Hip-Hip, Pooh-ray!
Playful, polite, and always inviting
Optimistic, funny, life’s always exciting
Original, honest, a bit silly too
Hooray! Let’s cheer for Winnie the Pooh


Floodier and Floodier
The blustery day grew stronger
That Piglet could take it no longer
His house it did flood
With water and mud
And Pooh lamented, “Oh, bother.”


Gooey, yummy
A dance on the tastebuds
With a taste that’s so sweet


An Enchanting Place
The Hundred Acre Wood
An adventurous place
Filled with friends and excitement
It’s a marvelous space
An escape, a vacation from reality
It’s a dream come true, for you and me


Bees in the Trees
Here he comes, that bear
A-searching for something sweet
Little black rain cloud


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One thought on “Winnie the Pooh-etry

  • August 13, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    I really love your Pooh-etry! I love him too! I read his adventures to my grand daughter a lot! I like his gentleness!

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