The Disney Style blog has released more of the images from the new Haunted Mansion collection that is coming soon.  Check it out!

Welcome foolish mortals, to the celebration of the Haunted Mansion’s anniversary. We’ll be your hosts, your ghost hosts. To commemorate 45 years of happy haunts, grim grinning and hitchhiking ghosts, the Disney Parks are assembling a swinging wake of over 100 new items inspired by this chilling attraction.


We love that you can practice your terror with ghoulish delight with tees inspired by the Haunted Mansion butlers and chambermaids (aka the cast members). Our favorite item has to be the shoes with the infamous purple wallpaper. And if you find it delightfully unlivable in this ghostly retreat, there’s a whole new set of home items to fill your abode with wall to wall creeps. Final arrangements can be made to pick up these items this Fall at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and



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