These Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation are a Fairy Tale Come True

August 9, 2014 ,

Have you seen or purchased any of the new Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation’s that were released this month?  I have to admit, this is a set I really like.  All the figures turned our really good.  I love that Maleficent’s Dragon has the extension to make him taller also.  One other thing I like about this series, there is a mix of size figures.  There are the three fairies which are the 1 1/2″ size figures and the rest are the full 3″ figures.

One more thing I like about this series, when I first started collecting Vinylmations, all the sets were 11 known figures and 1 chaser.  So it took some time to complete a set and also expensive because I was never able to get the 12 figures all from the first boxes.  I would buy them, get duplicates and then keep buying.  Now with there only be 8 total, it’s much easier to get the full series.

Here are the images, no chaser image, of the series:


What do you think of this set?  Let us know in the comments below, and happy collecting!!!


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