Have you tried a “Croissant Donut” at Epcot yet?

July 27, 2014


I’ve read about them, I’ve wrote about them, and finally I got to have one of my own! The Croissant Donut, at Epcot is a little piece of heaven found in Florida. If you go to the walk up stand near Canada at World Showcase, you can get one of these babies for yourself. It’s a cinnamon-sugar covered layered donut, and it’s fantastic. They almost taste like one of those Elephant Ears that you get at a carnival, but so much better.

They cost just over $4.00, and for a dollar more, you can get one with a heap of soft serve ice cream on it. Yummy goodness! I’ll warn you though, while they don’t look huge in size, they are really filling. I gave my last bite away to the kids because it was getting to be a little too much sweetness. Oh, speaking of sweetness, before the Croissant Donut, my friend Andy (WDW Shutterbug) and I got a Grand Marnier Slush over in France at World Showcase. It’s not strong at all, sweet with an orange flavor. They also have a lemonade version made with vodka that I’d like to try. So, instead of a “real” dinner, it was slushes and donuts last night. It’s Disney, so we’re allowed! I recommend you trying one or both of these awesome treats the next time you’re having fun at World Showcase, you’ll be glad you did! Enjoy!


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