The Most Magical Disney Transformations

The Most Magical Disney Transformations 1

One thing that most Disney movies have in common is there is some type of transformation that takes place.  The Disney Style blog put out this video highlighting some of the most memorable transformation in Disney.  Sometimes, this change is expressed outwardly, in which the transformation is reflected in their appearance or style. A transformation is more than just a new outfit though, it’s how a character’s personality shifts as well. We put together some of our favorite Disney transformations that show how magical and meaningful a style change can be.

So which transformation is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook and let’s see what the Main Streeters think.


2 Responses to The Most Magical Disney Transformations

  1. Mickeysangel54 says:

    Love this! It makes me want to sit down and watch each of these movies again!!

  2. haveluv4donald says:

    Omgoodness! That video is beautiful! It’s hard to pick a single favorite. I think the Beast’s transformation is awesome! Not to mention the movie has numerous transformations with Mrs. Potts & Chip, Luminere, etc.

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