Here is a trivia about Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A. from the Disney Insider.  Good Luck

Ahh — Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. Ragtime bands, the Dapper Dans, and much, much more. There’s a whole lot of history behind this street… but how much do you really know? We’ve heard feedback from some of you who have been asking for tougher trivia and more well-hidden secrets. We hope to provide a fun experience for fans of all levels–the kind that you’ll want to share with the same loved ones whom you share trips to the parks with.

Keeping the wide variety of our Disney Insider readers in mind, we stepped up the challenge level of this particular quiz. Just one trip to Disneyland won’t prepare you to get 10 out of 10; even an Annual Passholder might start to sweat at some of these. Don’t worry if you feel stumped at any point–you can always retake it to get that perfect score!



1.  Walt Disney’s private apartment was built directly above
a. The Main Street Cinema
b. The Main Street Opera House
c. The Emporium
d. The Main Street Fire Station

2.  The Disney Legend who designed the turn-of-the-century Main Street Vehicles was
a. Bob Gurr
b. Tony Baxter
c. Ward Kimball
d. Marty Sklar

3. The cannons in Town Square
a.  Were donated by the city of Baltimore, Maryland
b.  Were used by the French Army during the 1800s
c.  Were purchased by Walt for $.03 per pound
d.  There are no cannons in Town Square

4. The statue of Mickey and Walt at the end of Main Street is called
a.  Partners
b.  Friends
c.  Dreamers
d.  Storytellers

5.  Disneyland’s City Hall includes architectural elements from a turn-of-the-century courthouse in
a.  Baltimore, Maryland
b.  Marceline, Missouri
c.  Los Feliz, California
d.  Fort Collins, Colorado

6. Which of the following was never a store featured on Main Street U.S.A.?
a.  Sunkist Citrus House
b.  An intimate apparel and corset shop
c.  Marceline Coffee House
d.  Blue Ribbon Bakery

7.  Walt’s opening speech — as inscribed on a plaque in Town Square — reads
a.  “To all who come to this place of dreams…Welcome!”
b.  “To all who visit this timeless world of dreams: Welcome.”
c.  “To all who visit this happy place: Welcome.”
d.  “Here you leave today and enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.”

8. All of the following are Main Street Vehicles that travel up and down the road except
a.  The horse-drawn street cars
b.  An early jitney automobile
c.  The fire engine
d.  The Main Street Taxi Service

9.  Walt Disney arrived at Main Street Station on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955 on board
a.  The C.K. Holliday
b.  The E.P. Ripley
c.  The Fred Gurley
d.  The Ernest S. Marsh

10.  Which of the following songs has never been featured on Main Street U.S.A.’s background music loop?
a.  “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis”
b.  “Married Life”
c.  “Jolly Street Blues”
d.  “Maple Leaf Rag”

1.  d. The Main Street Fire Station
2.  a. Bob Gurr
3.  b.  Were used by the French Army during the 1800s
4.  a.  Partners
5.  d.  Fort Collins, Colorado
6.  c.  Marceline Coffee House
7.  c.  “To all who visit this happy place: Welcome.”
8.  d.  The Main Street Taxi Service
9.  b.  The E.P. Ripley
10.  c.  “Jolly Street Blues”

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