Yummy Cupcakes at Frozen Summer Fun in Hollywood Studios

Review by TMSM Member Janel Adani whom we met up with at the Frozen Summer Fun event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this past Saturday.

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Well with all of the excitement of the Frozen Summer Fun event going on at Hollywood Studios, we decided to venture out on opening day to see what it was all about. Being that we always seek out new cupcakes, we decided to see what kind of cupcake they had for this event. All of these cupcakes can be found at most quick service locations inside Hollywood Studios, as well as the Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland.

First up, the Olaf cupcake

Olaf Cupcake

The Olaf cupcake is a carrot cake cupcake with vanilla buttercream, marshmallow, and a white chocolate Olaf. This was absolutely delicious! The flavors were spot on. Not too sweet and not too heavy. This, like all the cupcakes, is very large and you can easily share with one or 2 people. This one was a favorite amongst the adults in my party as well as my 2 year old.

Next Up, the Elsa cupcake

Elsa Cupcake

This is your classic vanilla cupcake with a light blue buttercream icing, and lots of pretty sprinkles. The Elsa is an edible white chocolate. I can’t tell you how it tasted because my 6 year old devoured it, but per her review it was “yummy”. The cupcake was good, but I found the icing to be a little bit too sugary for my taste. The kids all enjoyed it and it was a beautiful cupcake.

Finally, the Anna cupcake

Anna Cupcake

This is your classic chocolate cupcake with a dark blue buttercream frosting and lots of sprinkles. The Anna is also an edible white chocolate and again, I didn’t get to taste it, but my 13 year old told me it was “delicious”. I did enjoy this cupcake as well. This one did not seem as sweet and sugary as the vanilla. It seemed to have just the right balance. The fun thing was all my kiddos had blue tongues when they were done sharing this one.

So if you are headed out to Hollywood Studios during the Frozen Summer Fun event, rest assured there is a cupcake for everyone to enjoy. So grab a cupcake or 2 or 3 and enjoy the Frozen Summer Fun!


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