“Charmed in the Parks” Charms & Bracelets…. One of my favorite things!

July 5, 2014


When visiting a Disney Park, it’s always fun to look through the various gift shops to see if there’s something a little extra that I’d like to take home for a souvenir. Sometimes the Disney trinkets can get a bit expensive, but this one isn’t so bad, and is really cute…… Have you checked out the “Charmed in the Parks” charms and bracelets yet? Oh my, they are adorable and pretty reasonable too! You can purchase a charm bracelet or necklace, and buy little lobster claw charms to go on them!


As for the charms, you can get them in just about ANY theme, color or character that you could be looking for. From Mickey & Minnie, to Princesses, to getting a charm with your initial on it, they have a huge selection to choose from. I even bought a bright pink Minnie charm and clipped it to the zipper on my Iphone bag, so they work on different items too. I have one on a key chain as well, so just get creative with them, it’s fun!


“Charmed in the Parks” bracelets and charms can be found in MANY stores across Disney Property! The prices are as follows; Charms $4.95 ~ Charm Bracelet $7.95 ~ Charm Necklace $9.95! Not a bad deal! So next time you’re walking through your favorite Disney location, stop by a store and check out these adorable charms, they’re a cute and fashionable thing to collect!

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