Lady’s Man: The Story of Tramp and Why We Love Him

June 24, 2014 , ,

Not sure if it’s because it’s summer and we just want to spend our days in an endless succession of picnics and outdoor activities, but we really want a puppy. Like, we really want one. So it obviously seemed appropriately timed to write an article in honor of one of our favorite pups, Tramp. Let’s revisit just how we fell for this particular canine:

When we first meet Tramp, his very first words are, “What a day!” He’s an optimist! We like him already.


Perhaps even better is what he says next: “Now to dig up some breakfast.” We like a guy who has his priorities straight.

He loves children… err puppies. So do we, Tramp. So do we.


AND he calls them “cute little rascals.” Honestly, adorable. There’s a reason he’s a ladies’ man… who became Lady’s man.

When he’s looking for breakfast and decides on Tony’s, he declares “I haven’t been there in a week.”


We like someone who understands and appreciates good Italian food (on a weekly basis no less). It’s important.

Friends are also a top priority for him.


We like to know that if we were friends with Tramp, he’d have bone to pick with anyone who tried to mess with us.

And when he meets Lady, he’s clearly smitten.


But he has no idea how to go about wooing her. It’s kind of adorable.

He nicknames her “pigeon” for no good reason.


Yeah, we’d be confused too, Lady.

But we’d probably be too distracted by his puppy eyes.


Why do we not have a puppy to hold right now?

Or how about these lovey-dovey eyes:


It’s. Just. Too. Cute.


And finally, we just love that Tramp is an advocate for avoiding life on the leash… except when it means being with your lady love.


And then life is pretty great.

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