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Normally, we don’t promote the grab bag day on, but I thought this one might be a good one to share since there is many Disney themed shirts available.

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So you may be asking, What is the TeeFury Grab Bag Sale?  I’m glad you asked.

Here is the FAQ directly from TeeFury:


RANDOM T-SHIRT FOR $6 (Plus Shipping) Six dollars will get you a random t-shirt in the size you specify. You can order up to 12 units per size.

OVER 40 ADULT POSSIBLE DESIGNS and OVER 200 KIDS POSSIBLE DESIGNS! The random shirt lot comes from the designs we have printed since the last Grab Bag. We also have a random mix of designs left over from previous quarters from undelivered items, returns or other scenarios. Please check the gallery to see the potential designs.

GRAB BAGS CAN SELL OUT! Regret is a most sad experience. Make sure you avoid it, and order RIGHT NOW before they are all gone.

 Many of our members have been asking for the ability to order more than 3 shirts per bag. We listened. You can now order up to 12 shirts per size.

Now this FAQ is from the last grab bag sale, so it maybe a little different so be sure to check the site for the exact description of how this works.  Think about how fun this is, you have no idea what you are getting but it will be a good quality t-shirt for only $6 plus shipping.  Even if you don’t like the graphic, for that price it’s a great gift to put away for someone later.  To order your grab bag, go HERE and good luck getting the design you want.


A small portion of each sale, goes back to The Main Street Mouse so we thank you for any purchases you make and we appreciate that TeeFury works with TMSM and our followers on offering these great designs.


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