Unique Seat On The Disneyland Monorail

June 11, 2014 , , ,

Disney fans all know what the Monorail is.  You have seen the train in the sky, if you have been to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland, but there is a very unique way to experience the 15 minute ride at Disneyland Resort. You can ride up in the nose with the Pilot.

DL Monorail

So how does one get lucky enough to ride in the front. Next time you are at Disneyland and waiting to ride, ask one of the Cast Members at the Monorail Station, and if it’s available you may get to ride with the pilot.  The car allows for 4 guests to ride with the pilot and see Disneyland from a different point of view.

For those of us that have never ridden in the nose or won’t get the opportunity soon, Disney put out a video of what it’s like to ride up front.

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  1. I used to do this at wdw as a kid.. Last Feb I asked and they said no at wdw. All nose seats were left open with no one in them.. Is this a rule at wdw but not Disneyland then?

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