TMSM Invades Disney Social Media Moms: On the Road

In 2010 Disney hosted their first Disney Social Media Moms Celebration a conference for Disney related bloggers. This event was held at Walt Disney World in 2010  and Disneyland in 2014.  This yearly conference allows bloggers to visit the parks, but also attend presentations that cover writing, promotion of the blog, social networking, as well as some surprise presentations. While all this educational magic making is occurring, attendees are also connecting with other bloggers. The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration as of 2012 is a by invitation event for 150 or so very privileged and honored bloggers.
In 2012 Disney added “On the Road” half day versions to the line up allowing those who were not chosen for the main conference, or who didn’t apply due to scheduling conflicts, the chance to partake in the Social Media fun a bit closer to home. The “On the Road” events have an application process, where each prospective attendee has to submit all of their social networking “pertinants“, usually public and private allowing Disney to see that the applicant is fact a Disney blogger.
This year when applications opened the staff at The Main Street Mouse knew that the “On the Road” locations would be right near the time Michele and family were moving even though it was not public knowledge. So when applications opened I asked Michele if I could apply and represent TMSM as we knew getting into this event would be HUGE for TMSM.  Knowing that the number of applicants per location had to be astronomical, I tried to prepare myself for rejection because there are so many amazing blogs in the Disney-verse. As I sat and pulled links to my Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, TMSM, and even my sad and ignored personal Disney blog I sat and skimmed all of my information and realized that honestly the link I was the proudest to put on the application was . As I hit submit I asked myself WHY was that? Well honestly it’s because TMSM is a wonderful part of the Disney-verse that helps people learn about the parks, answers questions, tells jokes, brings tears to people’s eyes with heart touching stories, and in general has become my second home and family over the last year or so. As I hit submit the “Thank you for applying. Official invitations will be sent out on May 5th to those that have been accepted.” message popped up.
May 5th rolled around and was INSANE in the background of the TMSM. Disney World released their official Halloween and Christmas party dates, we were combating Facebook choking back the view feed for the page, Fastpass+ options came out unannounced for the presentations at Star Wars Weekends, and other daily things. At 3pm I had a chance to check my email, and about LOST it, calling Michele in a spastic fit and getting her voice mail and then messaging her “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Why you ask? Because this amazing, humbling, shocking, flooring, wonderful email was in my inbox!

UntitledSo on June 19th I will be in Philadelphia representing The Main Street Mouse! I can’t wait to tell you all about the things they cover and amazing things I see and learn.  I can’t wait to represent TMSM and Michele and Scott and the other mods in TMSM first of hopefully many Disney Social Media events. If you want to follow the fun of the three On the Road events watch for the hash tag #DisneyOTR on Twitter, and for news on the Philly event watch !

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