Moving to Main Street, Blog 3 ~ Two Weeks to Go!

June 4, 2014


It’s that time again! Time to give you all an update on how the Moving to Main Street process is going! I’ve said in the last two blogs, that I was hoping to make more progress, and this week I can finally say that I have. Our house is turned upside down, boxes and totes everywhere! Even my dog Jack is all out of sorts from the mess, he keeps pouting, he doesn’t understand what’s going on obviously. Poor Jack (see below).


We decided to go through all the storage areas in the house, and pull everything out, that way we can actually see all that’s there. There was a LOT of boxes, full of decorations, craft supplies, old clothes, and basically a bunch of stuff that I had forgotten about. I did good though. I got rid of more things than I thought I would. We are giving some things away, and hopefully throwing a yard sale together this weekend. We don’t have much time left, so this weekend is the only time we could have a yard sale if we’re going that route. I found some things that still had tags on them, so that should sell. Whatever doesn’t sell, I’m giving away to the good will, it’s not coming back in the house. That’s progress for me, since I’m usually not willing to part with my stuff. But…. again, the house is a wreck, life as we know it here has changed, it won’t ever be like it was. It’s a little sad, but I know it’s necessary to move forward. (the pic below is the upstairs of my house, it was actually worse than that at one point).


In the past week and a half, both of my boys (aka Monsters Inc) have had birthdays. Aidan’s was at the end of May and Andrew’s is today. We have gotten together with family for the birthdays and Memorial Day. Summer time at my parent’s house is always a lot of fun. They have a beautiful pool in their backyard, and all of my family goes there almost every weekend when the weather is good, just to have family time and relax. By “all” my family, I mean Mom, Dad, my brother, my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins…… all of us. It’s really a good thing that we’re all so close. On Memorial Day, I sat with my feet in the pool, looking around the beautiful yard, and I actually cried a little under my sunglasses. My gosh, it would be so much easier to leave Michigan if there was snow on the ground and nothing going on. Summer time here is family time, and I’m going to miss out. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that pulls on my heartstrings. Through all the ups and downs in my life, I’ve always had a stable and loving family life. They’re all wonderful. The only down side to moving to Florida is having to leave the people that I love. Even though they will miss us too, they are very supportive of the move. They’re sad, but happy for us at the same time. They know it’s something I have to do for the sake of my business and my own family, and I appreciate them for that. I’m hoping to make it back to visit as much as I can, I don’t want to be out of the loop for too long. Plus, I also hope they will be coming to see me as well, especially when it’s freezing cold up here and they need a break from it.

Making a big move has been a struggle, lots of mood swings on the subject. It’s been a mixed bag of happy and sad…. oh, and fear, let’s not forget fear. But….. I know in my heart that I can’t live my Disney dreams from here, and I need to face the facts that two weeks from tonight I will be down in Florida, unloading all my belongings into our new place to live. I’m excited, overwhelmed, and a pinch in denial. I know it’s coming, but I haven’t totally grasped that yet. Maybe by next week I’ll be in a better frame of mind and be able to see the finish line a little clearer. Lets hope, right? So, wish me luck on packing, our garage sale, and not obsessing or crying over changes that might be hard for me. I’m so happy to take you along with me on this journey, and I thank you for reading…. we’ll catch up next week!

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6 thoughts on “Moving to Main Street, Blog 3 ~ Two Weeks to Go!”
  1. In a year you’ll look back and think “What was I so worried about?” Your doing great! Good luck with the sale, hope it helps with some of the moving expenses! Your blog has really been a great way for us who can’t move(right now) a look into what it would be like! Thank you and safe travels!

  2. I did the same thing not 6 months ago. As I was reading your story, I could put myself in your place very easily. Be blessed Michelle. Go with God and He will work everything out for your good. Thank you for having this place for us to post, share, care and be there for each other. Love and Prayers! Elaine Bennett, Proud member of TMSM!

  3. I wish you all the luck in the world with your move. I know it can’t be easy. Even though we have never met and I only know you through the internet, It sounds like you and your family are absolutely meant to live near Disney and all its magic. 🙂

  4. Your feeling pains of moving and its quite understandable. Try not to look at it as your losing your family, but that you have added to it. The new experiences and new friends that all of you will make here in Florida will help with transition.
    I agree with Erica F. that your family will follow.
    Our entire life has been one big move after another, Military moves come every 2-3 years. It is harder with small children as they don’t do well with changes so we tried to make time each day for them and puppy. Have a safe trip!!

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