“Maleficent” Inspired Nail Art! Learn how to do it!

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Disney’s Maleficent finally hits theaters today! If you’re going to see the film, and want to add a little extra fun to your experience, give this fun nail tutorial a go! Unlike previous Disney nail tutorials, this one seems to be a bit easier and you don’t have to be as precise, which is good for people like me who don’t have a steady hand! Follow the instructions below to get a cute Maleficent flare for the weekend!

What you’ll need

Mint Green Nail Polish
Purple Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Fine Glitter Nail Polish
Fast Drying Top Coat

How to make it

Step 1
Start with a nail painted mint green. You want it to still be a little wet for the flame technique we are about to do.

Step 2
Now paint half of the bottom of your nail purple, make sure to use quite a bit of nail polish.

Step 3
Quickly paint the other half black.

Step 3_24

Step 4
Take a toothpick and drag it through the purple and black to make the flames. You just want to draw long s shapes. Make sure not to go all the way to the top, or the black and purple will overpower the green.

Step 5
Be sure to drag some of the purple through the black, and the black through the purple to mix them up a bit.

step 5_0

When you’re done, it will look a little messy, but that’s okay– we are going to fix it with glitter.

Step 6
Take your fine glitter polish and paint over the design. While it’s still wet, paint a fast drying topcoat and your Maleficent Nail art design is done!

step 7

*Thanks to Disney’s Spoonful for the directions!

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