I’m a Disney “cryer”…. are you? Read on to find out!

May 30, 2014


What’s a Disney Cryer? Well, for one, I am! A Disney Cryer can be defined as someone who finds it hard to hold back their emotions when it comes to all things Disney. There are various degrees of this “condition” and I think I have it pretty bad. I will cry basically at ANY Disney song, yep, almost all of them. I can be in the Disney Store and hear something from The Little Mermaid playing in the background, and start to well up right there. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. Even if it’s not a sad song, Disney songs always get me. It’s worse while at the Parks though. Take Mickey’s Philharmagic for instance. I cry through almost the entire thing, the music is overwhelming and it stirs up all kinds of emotions. Not the kind of emotions that “Baby Mine” from Dumbo does though. Oh my gosh, Baby Mine…. ugh, forget it, hand me a box of kleenex! Gets me every time.

If you’re not a Disney Cryer over music, how about movies? Disney movies always take us on an emotional roller coaster ride. They always have happy parts, as well as sad. I think I cry at some point during every Disney movie that I’ve seen. Like “Up” for one…… didn’t we all cry when Carl lost Ellie? Or in “Tangled” when Flynn/Eugene dies for that brief second? Should I mention “Dumbo” again? When I went to see “Saving Mr. Banks” at Christmas time, I do believe I cried on and off, as well as the last 15 minutes of the movie straight. Yep, total Disney Move Cryer here too…. I blame Disney Magic for that.

So, we covered crying over Disney music and movies….. what about Disney Parks? Disney Parks of course stir up emotions that pull on our heartstrings. Walking through the gates and seeing the Castle for the first time can make a person cry. So can watching Wishes at the end of the evening as well. What about seeing an attraction or going on a ride that stirs up childhood memories? Crying can start up from that too. Or… seeing the look on your child’s face when they see Mickey Mouse or their favorite character, yes, tears. For us, the last night of vacation can turn us into Disney Cryers too. Getting ready to leave the MK, riding the Monorail back to the parking lot, watching the Park get smaller and smaller in the background. All of these reasons can make us tear up in the name of Disney. But why?

There’s something about everything Disney touches, it all has an element of magic to it. Yes, people like me who cry a lot where Disney is concerned are in the know I believe, we understand how powerful that magic is. Most of the time, other than leaving our vacation, the tears are happy tears. Disney magic swirls up nostalgia and memories that come from no other place. Those memories and feelings live in our hearts forever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you have diagnosed yourself to be a Disney Cryer after reading this, be proud of that fact. It just means you truly get what Walt’s vision was all those years ago, and that you have the magic of Disney living with you always. It’s good to be a Disney Cryer, don’t every let anyone tell you different.

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7 thoughts on “I’m a Disney “cryer”…. are you? Read on to find out!”
  1. I went to the theater to see The Lion King (play) and started bawling the minute I walked in the door. I had to hide in the bathroom until it was time to start. I think I cried the whole time.

  2. OMG I am so a “DISNEY CRYER”! So glad im no tthe only one and how could I be…its the most emotional feeling ever and I love it that it is a shared feeling…Hi five to all the disney cryers out there…we rock!

  3. My almost 22 yr. old son and I read this and he started ticking off all the scenes that made him cry…
    1. When Bambi’s mom gets shot
    2. When Mufasa dies and Simba keeps trying to get him up
    3. The first part of “Up” when Carl’s wife died
    4. Toy Story 3 – need I say more?
    5. That scene you showed from “Dumbo” make me cry every single time
    Those are right off the tops of our heads…

  4. Is it bad I cried while reading this!? There is just something magical and unique about anything Disney it just goes to me. Even reading blogs and just thinking about certain spots in the parks makes me just feel at ease and then I get to the point that my eyes water and people ask what’s wrong and I say nothing. Cause nothing is Wrong with something so right!

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cries regarding Disney movies, songs, etc… I always feel like a blubbering idiot, but my husband (who cries in secret) gives me a hug & kiss and generally understands our love of everything Disney.

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