Well here we are, it’s Saturday May 24th and we are just a few hours past the end of the 24 Hour party that took place at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Resort.

Here at The Main Street Mouse, we tried to cover the event for you as best we could.  Disney did an incredible job honestly keeping their blog updated with events as they were happening.  From the special looks available at the Pirates League, to the new apple created in honor of the Orange Bird to seeing Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, kick off the fun at Disneyland, the day was full.  Did we mention that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was opened for a “soft” opening to allow fans to enjoy this new addition to the Magic Kingdom?  There were so many activities and events.

One of the greatest parts for us, here at The Main Street Mouse, was seeing all the TMSM family members sharing their Disney Side with us through the photos and tweets.  Yesterday we created a graphic and encouraged our family, going to the park to take the image with them and take pictures and share them.


We can’t explain the feelings of joy when we saw so many Main Streeters take the image with them and snap pictures.  Seeing other “family” members meeting up and taking pictures together, seeing cast members holding the sign and then to even see Anna and Elsa with the image, it was overwhelming.  The reason we keep moving forward with The Main Street Mouse is because of all our followers.  You give us the push to keep plugging away.  You give us the reason we strive to get better and better.  We have a small staff that keeps TMSM moving forward and each and every one of us do what we do, because we all love Disney and want to share that with everyone we can.

By you taking the time to share your Disney Side with us, you reminded us all of what our Disney Side is.  Our Disney Side is sharing the magic with each and every one of you everyday.  We have so many big things in the coming months and knowing that we have so many great people with us along for the ride, give us the extra push we need to bring you the best we have to offer.  Thank you again for being part of our Disney Family at The Main Street Mouse! We are looking forward to more magic to come, and hope you are too!

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