The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story Viewed For The First Time

On this date, April 28, 2009, The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story is shown for the very first time at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  The documentary tells the story of the Sherman Brothers, Robert and Richard.  As you know, I’m a big fan of the Sherman Brothers.  Music is such a huge part of Disney in all ways, and the brothers are responsible for some of the great Disney music in movies and the parks.


The film is directed and produced by their sons, Gregory V. Sherman and Jeff Sherman, and released through Walt Disney Pictures. Ben Stiller acted as executive producer for the film.

The film deals with professional growth and estrangement between the Academy Award-winning music composing team through the years, who are best known for their up-beat Disney music. It contains interviews with family members and several individuals in the film industry, including actors such as Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke (who worked with the Sherman Brothers on Mary Poppins), producers (Roy E. Disney), fellow film composers (John Williams and Stephen Schwartz) and film critics (Leonard Maltin).

The Sherman brothers did for the music of Disney, what the Disney brothers did in creating Disney…They made it unforgettable.  Here is a preview of the film from YouTube and if you have the time I highly suggest either renting the film on YouTube for $2.99 or get your hands on a copy.  You can also get the film on the Disney Movies Anywhere app. In my opinion, this is a Disney film that anyone that loves the history of the company needs to see.


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