Mickey, Can I Have Your Autograph?

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As most know who read my blogs, I’m a collector of different Disney memorabila.  One thing I love to collect is the autographs of the different Disney characters.  I don’t know what it is about the whole process, but I look forward to it.  Every time we get to Disney, and we get to the first park of our vacation I hit the first store to buy my autograph book for that trip.  I’m the big kid in line, I have my book and pen ready for the character to sign it.  When I hand it to the character I feel like a kid again.  The feeling that Mickey or Goofy is about to sign my book makes me happy.  Once the character is done, I pose for our photo and put my book away till the next character.


We always do a few character dining options when we are in WDW.  I’ve had breakfast with Donald and his friends at Tusker House more than once, and I can say the same for Pooh and his friends at The Crystal Palace.  We have also done Mickey’s Backyard BBQ which ended up being a lot of fun.  The characters are so much more involved than the regular dining events.  Watching the people dance and have fun with them just makes for a great evening.

I have a couple of autographs that are the prize pieces of my little collection.  The first is one that Michele and I received in 2008.  We were in WDW for our honeymoon.  To know the whole story, its honestly shocking we were even able to stay on property.  We stayed at All-Star Movies.  We had a preferred room and we were right outside the Mighty Ducks pool.  The 2nd day of our trip, we spent the day at Animal Kingdom and were returning to the room to clean up to go to dinner. When we got to our door, we had a surprise waiting for us.  A balloon and a small photo envelope were attached to our room door.  We opened the envelope to find a photo of Mickey and Minnie with Cinderella’s Castle in the back and it read:

To Scott and Michele

Your Pal Mickey Mouse

Love and Kisses Minnie Mouse xoxo

This was something that both of us thought was so cool. That they made a note when we checked in and knew it was our honeymoon and took the time to give us a present. Part of the reason we were shocked to stay on property was we didn’t have reservations when we got there. We just drove to property, went to the Movies resort. Walked up to the front desk and asked if they had a room. The fact that they put us in a better room and then the photo just showed the service level that Disney is known for.

The other prize of my collection is none other than Captain Jack Sparrow’s autograph.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge Pirates fan.  I love the movies and collect anything and everything I can get that is pirates.   While watching the Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial, where the boys were picked to be a part of the show I told Michele I’m going to get Captain Jack’s signature.  I was standing close to were Captain Jack would be running away at the end of the show and near the gate to the “Cast Member Only” area.  I was standing there on a mission.  I had my book in hand and was determined to get his signature.  Well the show was concluding and Jack came running down the path.  As he got closer I stretched my book and pen out in hopes he would take it.  He did and ran right to the gate and out of sight.  I didn’t know what to do.  I went over by the gate, but a security guard told me I had to move from the area.  Just then the door opened and I saw Captain Jack looking at me and he handed me the book and pen back.  Walking away I quickly opened it to see his signature on the page.   I swear you would have thought I was 10 years old I was so happy.

Disney magic is real.  The happiest place comes to life in all who walk through the gates.  Whether you’re 2 years old and seeing Mickey for the first time or 102 and watching your grandchildren have memories to last a lifetime, Disney has ways to make everyone happier than any place else on the planet.  Here are pictures of my autographs that I wanted to share.  Some characters I have had sign multiple times in the same book.  But if I see Mickey at the Magic Kingdom and then again at Epcot I need both signatures.

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