Captain America: The Winter Soldier $96.2 Million in North America

I plan to write a full review of the movie later, but wanted to pass along the news that Captain America: The Winter Soldier racked in $96.2 million in North America, to bring it’s total to $303.3 million worldwide.

Capt America Shield FE

Everyone expected the film to do very well, but I don’ think they expected that type of return this early.  In just 10 days since the film opened overseas, it primed to surpass the entire box office for the first Captain America film which hit $370.6 million.

Thanks to the strong launch of Captain America 2, which essentially kicks off the summer box office a month early, revenue was up 22 percent year-over-year, while Disney crossed the $1 billion mark globally in terms of 2014 ticket sales (adding icing to the cake, Frozen surpassed The Dark Knight over the weekend to become the No. 9 top-grossing film of all time worldwide).


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