Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue Line

With all the news and photos that have been released in regards to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we have heard nothing about the queue line.  Today some news was released in regards to the line for guests waiting for the ride.  They are going to have a few interactive opportunities for guests.

SDD0877443-613x408 The first interactive queue inside the attraction is the jewel sorting station.  Jewels will flow by in a 15-foot wooden sluice.  Guests will be able to drag the jewels into different trays, sorting them by color and shape.  There will be four different size jewels and six different colors.  One thing guests will notice is that the melody from the film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” will be created as guests move from spigot to spigot.  Total there will be 12 different spigots, each spigot is inspired by the Dwarf’s woodland friends and each friend corresponds to the notes of a musical scale. SDD0877447-613x408 As guests go further into the queue line, they will pass the Vault room.  The Vault room was inspired from a scene in the film where you see one of the dwarfs hangs a key just outside the mine’s vault room door.  Do you remember which Dwarf actually hung the key?


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