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It’s Thursday Everyone, time for a feel good story with a Disney spin to it! Our entry today comes from one of my WDW Cast Member friends, Michael. Michael used to make magic at the Emporium on Main Street, now he’s helping create magic as a Character Attendant for some of our favorite pals! This particular story that Michael sent me was one I thought you might enjoy, here’s what he had to say:

Today I fell down a “RABBIT HOLE” and hung out with Alice and the White Rabbit. We didn’t have TEA, but we did CREATE something “MAD MAGICAL”. While Mr Rabbit was alone and Alice was with the Mad Hatter having tea, Mr Rabbit and I encountered a young MAKE A WISH Prince. So I asked the mom “would you like him to meet Alice?” As she said yes, I asked her to wait a minute, and told her that I won’t let him down. As Alice came skipping back out, I ran over to her telling her we have a make a wish Prince who looks as though he is facing some serious challenges, I WONDER if you would be so kind as to get Mr. Rabbit and take the young Prince on the TEACUPS? Alice was overjoyed and said “Why certainly!” So they took the young Princes hands and I opened the VIP door for the ride, seeing the young Princes face made every challenge I face, fade away! His smile is like nothing I’ve ever seen, guests were crying as they looked on. Alice was overjoyed! It was a truly MAGICAL MEMORY for ALL! ~Michael

Stories like this make me tear up, but also are an excellent reminder for me that life is something to be appreciated, and we need to enjoy the little things. I appreciate people like Michael who share their stories of hope and inspiration, as they make me want to do more and be a better person too. Thanks for sharing Michael, and thank YOU, our Main Streeters, for reading. My prayers go out to that special little prince too.

*If you have a magical story that you’d like to share with me for an upcoming article, please contact me at [email protected].

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