The Cast Of The Lion King Takes To The Skies

April 2, 2014 , ,

Recently, the cast of Australia’s The Lion King was on a flight going back to Sydney after touring Down Under.  The cast broke out in an a cappella version of The Circle of Life while passengers were still boarding the plane.  The best part of all, someone recorded the version to be able to share it with everyone who wasn’t on board the flight.

Who else saw the little child in the aisle toward the end and thought someone was going to pick him up like Simba?

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  1. The Lion King Show at WDW in AK has always been one of my favorite things to do. I have even seen the show twice sometimes at WDW in one day. So, I would have loved to have seen this. How neat that this choir did this for the guests. What a special treat this was for all of them. Loved the little boy in the aisle.

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