Internet Sensation, “Let it Go” Character Singer, Brian Hull, Coming to TMSM’s Podcast!

March 28, 2014 , , ,

There are a lot of you who saw the talented Brian Hull’s YouTube video, of him singing “Let it Go” in 21 different Disney Character voices, it’s great! Did you know that Brian recorded that video for The Main Street Mouse’s TMSM Idol Contest? He sure did, and we’re very proud of that! Earlier today, I spent some time speaking with Brian about his super cool video, among other things, and we had a great time! Brian will be on our next TMSM Podcast, so you can catch our entire interview then. I can’t wait to share the interview with you, we had fun! If you haven’t seen Brian’s song that he did for TMSM Idol, you can view it below. Also, be sure to subscribe to our Podcast so you don’t miss anything! Thank You!

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