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One thing that most, if not all Disney fans have in common, is we all collect something it seems.  I’m sure there are some that don’t but for the most part we collect something.  Weather it be Pins, Vinylmations, Mouse Ears, Napkins (yes I said Napkins and I know someone that collects them) there are many things you can collect.  Now add into the mix the Star Wars collectibles and Marvel and you have a ton more to add.


So what is your prize piece of your collection?  What is the one thing that when you saw it, you had to have it?  For me sitting, here and thinking about it, I have many things that are my favorites.  I collect my few pins from each trip, I have a few pair of Mouse Ears, I have boxes and boxes of Vinylmations, lots of different things from Pirates, Mickey statues,  some Marvel and Star Wars things also.

One thing I found a few years ago, and to me its really a cool thing to have, is I have a reprint of the letter that Walt sent into the US Patent & Trademark Office with the drawing of Mickey from a few different angles.  I know its not the real thing but to me its just a cool piece to have.    Once I got this I had it framed and put it up with my other collectibles.  Its on Walt’s stationary and has his signature on it and dated  Dec. 16, 1930.  I know I could never have the original so this is the next best thing to me.


So what is it that you have?  Or what is it you would love to have someday?  Me personally, I would love to have any original document with Walt’s signature on it.  To me that would be one of the best items I could ever get.  Please share what you collect or what item you would love to have.  You never know what another fan may have and be willing to part with.

In case you are ever looking for 1 of a kind pieces of memorabilia check out http://www.phil-sears.com/ .  I came across this site a few years ago and have always window shopped.  They get some great things and they have the certificates of authenticity on them.  Also some items even have a lay-a-way to get it.   Every time I log onto their site I see something else I want to buy.   You have to be quick though, because I have noticed that some items sell almost as soon as they go up.



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2 thoughts on “Disney Collecting

  • March 23, 2014 at 4:23 am

    I, too, have collections (I have at least 1 pin from every Disney park around the world, plus some from the two original cruise ships). I have a big collection of the beanie babies when those were so popular. We also have quite a few prints and animation cells. Our favorite of the artwork is a poster by Akira Yokoyama “The Art of Mickey Mouse” with a Mickey shaped cloud above and behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We remember a snobbish lady standing in line behind us mocking us for standing in line all that time for just a poster. That was all we could afford at the time. We had it framed and it is beautiful. Our favorite by far, though, is our snowglobe collection. The centerpiece is the Mickey/Minnie wedding one that my husband gave me the night he proposed to me.

  • March 22, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    I also like coming home with napkins. Love the cute Mickey of some sort on them. I also can’t wait to buy some type of pen. I always also buy a watch, that is my biggest treat. Of course also the soaps/shampoos from the hotel. Oh, I guess I could go on and on now that I think about it………………….

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