This is Madness 2014 – Star Wars Character Tournament

Normally this time of year, people are talking about March Madness in regards to college basketball.  But have you heard about the This is Madness 2014 Star Wars Character Tournament?


Go here to enter the This Is Madness 2014: The Star Wars Character Tournament.  Last year’s winner was none other than the Jedi Master, Yoda.  See his interview with Max Kellerman in regards to last years tournament and some of the entries into this years.

I found this information in regards to the tournament and wanted to share with all.

Imagine, your favorite Star Wars characters faced off against one another, who would come out the victor? Would the Light Side take the day or would we succumb to the Dark Side of the Force? Only you can decide. Each week you can help determine the winner by voting for your favorite character match-ups. Princess Leia vs. Admiral Ackbar. Luke Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cad Bane vs. Jango Fett. Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul. These are only a few of the match ups in the first round.

And this year, not only are you playing for bragging rights around the Mos Eisley Cantina, but you could possibly win one of 26 prizes from Sideshow Collectibles through’s Predicting the Madness. and are partnering together to make this tournament even more fun. Sideshow Collectibles produces high-end quality collectibles – from statues to dioramas to life-sized busts including some of your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. But you need to be among those with the most accurate brackets to win. All you need to do to enter is have a Wikia account which you can sign up for free. The fun begins at 9am PST on March 17th so make sure you have your brackets filled out prior to the beginning of the tournament.

The best part is that this is something you can do with your kids. Technically, only adults can win the figures, but you and your children can vote for your favorite characters and match ups, talk about who you think is the best, and have an opportunity to root for your team together. As a parent, it’s always fun to involve your kids in something you have a passion for and if you have a passion for March Madness andStar Wars, this is perfect for you. And because Star Wars is cross-generational, you may be surprised to find out that you’ll learn something from your kids, too.  They may even help you win the tournament if you let them.

One of the things I really appreciate about the Star Wars Universe is that it appeals to the kid in all of us. It embodies the hopes and dreams of every generation. And it seems that a new group of characters endears itself to an increasingly larger fan base. So whether you like Boba Fett or Cad Bane, Princess Leia or her mother Padme Amidala, Darth Vader or the man he once was in Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars is a great way to connect to one another.



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