New Cars Short Coming

Today, Pixar Studios announced a new short film is coming out called “The Radiator Springs 500 1/2”.  This will take place in the Cars universe.  The short will of course have the comedy, action, and landscapes that the Cars franchise has become well known for.

Here is official synopsis of the short:

A “leisurely drive” planned in honor of Radiator Springs’ town founder, Stanley, turns precarious as Baja pros descend on the town and challenge Lightning McQueen to an off-road race. Meanwhile, the townsfolk, led by a Stanley-costumed Mater, enjoy the planned “leisurely drive” to retrace Stanley’s original frontier route. Thinking they’re on the same course, a wrong turn sends McQueen and the Baja pros on a treacherously wild bid for survival. The misunderstanding leaves the racing professionals in awe of the “legend” of Stanley: the Original Off-Road Racer.

Here are the first 2 images released also:



The short will premiere later this spring on Disney Movies Anywhere.  If you haven’t signed up for Disney Movies Anywhere yet, and you should its free, click HERE to do so now.


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