This post is coming from the Disney Style blog. There’s going to be a new parade to celebrate New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, which of course means new amazing costumes!


The Disney Festival of Fantasy parade is exactly that: a massive and fantastical celebration of more than a dozen Disney classics. For this, 39 new costumes were produced at ten different costume houses.  Custom embroidery, 3D printing, and 27 custom designed fabrics all went into creating the range of looks performers will wear in the eclectic and colorful parade.

FoF-Finale-Bubbles-n-ChaChaCostume designer Mirena Rada put her personal touch on every costume in the parade, taking color and texture cues from the floats and films featured in the Festival of Fantasy. Rada put a very modern spin on the look and feel of Disney classics in the parade incorporating unique textures and silhouettes in the conceptual and volume-heavy costumes.


You’ll definitely notice the custom-sculpted headpieces in the parade, but also look out for more subtle details like gold eyelashes and one-of-a-kind sock designs; there’s no detail too small for a Magic Kingdom parade!

Get a first look at the costumes below, and be sure to catch the new parade this March at Walt Disney World Resort.



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