Attention Pin Traders and SpectroMagic Fans

Where you a fan of the Magic Kingdom parade, SpectroMagic?  It’s been gone since 2010, but still a fan favorite.  The parade was replaced with the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was also its predecessor.  Sadly in July 2013, Disney confirmed that the floats for SpectroMagic were destroyed and the parade was permanently retired.  Thanks to the pin creators, we can remember this parade with the new series of SpectroMagic Parade Pins.

SpectroMagic pin

This pin has something very unique included, a piece of Mickey’s cape from the parade in a glass dome. That’s right, you can own a piece of Disney Parade history. This pin will be available at Walt Disney World® starting February 27th.

There is going to be a full series of the SpectroMagic pins. The series was inspired by the colored version of the parade. The pins will be released in the order they were in the float. This is actually the 2nd pin in the set released.  The first was back on February 13.  This pin has an edition size of 2,500.


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