How Well Do You Know… Disney Sports Movies?

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From the Disney Insider blog, something to test your Disney Sports Movie knowledge. With the Winter Olympic Games capturing the whole world’s attention, sports are on everyone’s mind right now.From Jamaican bobsledders to slam-dunking dogs, Disney has always had a way with sports stories. Step up your game and see how much you know about Disney’s rich history of sports themes.


1)   In The Absent-Minded Professor, which college basketball team is assisted by Flubber?

A)   Medfield
B)   Medford
C)   Midvale

2)   Which of these sports has Bud the golden retriever not tried on film?

A)   Soccer
B)   Baseball
C)   Skiing

3)   Which of these sports films wasn’t based on a true story?

A)   Invincible
B)   Angels in the Outfield
C)   The Greatest Game Ever Played

4)   What two sports collide in Million-Dollar Arm, which will be released this year?

A)   Baseball and Cricket
B)   Arm-Wrestling and Boxing
C)   Pool and Darts

5)   Which of these sports can Goofy teach you to play in a classic cartoon?

A)   Football
B)   Soccer
C)   Bowling

6)   Which of these films is about college basketball?

A)   Glory Road
B)   Remember the Titans
C)   Miracle

Scroll down to see how you did!

MM Olympic Rings

1)   A – Medfield is the setting for a slew of Disney films, including The Absent-Minded Professor and its sequel, as well as The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969), Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (1972), and The Strongest Man in the World (1975).
2)  C – Bud hasn’t skied yet, but we wouldn’t rule it out!
3)  B – Not a true story, but it did involve a real team – The Walt Disney Company owned the California Angels in 1994 when the film was made.
4)  A – In Million-Dollar Arm, a baseball scout turns to pro cricket players to look for the next great pitcher.
5)  A – We don’t recommend taking Goofy’s tips on the gridiron, but he did star in “How to Play Football.”
6)  A – Glory Road tells the story of the West Texas Miners – but all three films tell inspiring true sports stories.


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