As this day comes to a close..

February 14, 2014

As we mentioned this morning in Scott’s surprise post today is Michele’s Birthday.. As the day comes to a close, we have a few more birthday wishes to share.. From all of the Mods at TMSM “Happy Birthday Michele!”  Here are a few special messages from a few of the mods. <3

From Mike “Happy Anniversary of your Annual trip around the sun to our fearless leader who leads us to so much happiness and is always there to share and care. You are the Greatest our friend, Happy Birthday.”

From Diane “About a year ago I send Michele a message that started like this, “I read that you were looking for article writers. I would love to write for your site. Below are reasons why you should allow me to write:” and oh the roller coaster began. This whole amazing ride has been compliments of Michele. She is the heart of this wonderful operation. The writers and admin job may not make me money but what I get from Michele is respect, support, and hugs….lots of hugs. She tries to give us the best and most updated information all while entertaining. She is an amazing person and mom. Happy Birthday, Michele.”

From Autumn “Michele, It’s weird thinking of a time when we weren’t friends. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. You are the mellow to my fire, the rational to my quick to ignite, and an amazing sounding board. Thank you for being an amazing friend and for having enough faith in me to allow me to help with your baby (TMSM). Happy Birthday my friend. May you have 100 more, and may they all be filled with friends, family, love and magic.”



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