Confessions of a Middle Aged Disney Princess ~ the Sequel

February 13, 2014


Well, the day is here. I wrote this blog last month, in dreaded anticipation of my birthday this year. This is for all of you who don’t feel your age, and for Disney fans who feel age is just a number, enjoy! ~M

It’s a new year, which provokes a lot of thought and soul searching for many people, including myself. I usually don’t put too much stock into the coming year, I’m not huge on making resolutions that I can’t keep, or vow that I’m going to do *blank* differently this go around. Sure, I hope for better, strive for more, but that’s all I can do. So, what makes this year different? For me, a dreaded milestone birthday….. and the fact that yes, I’m still a Disney Princess!

Age is just a number, and nothing rings that truer than the fine folks at Disney. Whether it be through movies, merchandise, or of course the various Parks, Disney helps you check your age at the door. Numbers don’t matter. So, what should this matter to me? I was reading a few different blogs posted on Facebook recently, about certain birthday milestones and feeling your age (or not). I also saw another article of old movies and such from the 80′s, and it made me feel….. old….. for a minute. You mean to tell me Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles aren’t current and hip movies anymore? What do you mean girls these days don’t know that Jake Ryan is the ultimate dream date? Don’t know who “The Corey’s” are? Never been to a New Kids on the Block concert?? What kind of world is this?? Then I remember…. Michele, you’re not a KID anymore. Well, according to who exactly?

That’s just it, I feel like a kid, minus the aches and pains occasionally or the fact that I can’t do cartwheels across the lawn like I used to. Maybe that’s why I’m still such a Disney nut. I really, really believe that Disney allows us to be a kid at any age. When I go into a Disney Store, I still look at the dolls and stuffed animals, and seriously want one. I will still look at Disney jewelry and shirts when I’m out and about, and yes, I buy them. When I know I’m getting ready to go on a Disney vacation, I still can NOT sleep the night before, just like when I was little. Actually, now that I’m a big girl, I can choose to leave at 3:00 in the morning if I want, no need to wait till breakfast time! Getting older has it’s perks. I just throw the kids in the car and go, and they don’t mind!

Let’s see…. what else? I keep track of what Disney Movies are coming out and when, just to make sure I (ahem, the kids) get to see them in a prompt manner. Disney is STILL the ONLY place I strive and save to go to on vacation. The ONLY place. Maybe I’m missing out on tours of wineries or seeing Broadway plays like other “grown ups” but I honestly don’t care. I’d rather go to Disney. Does this ever have to change? Just because the number of candles on your birthday cake goes up, does that mean you don’t get to still be a kid? In my opinion, it’s just a number. Walt Disney was right. His philosophy was spot on, kids are kids no matter what your age is!

Time marches on, and for this seasoned Disney Princess, it’s not a fun process. So, what do I do? Since I can’t fight it, and that birthday is coming whether I want it to or not, I have to embrace it. My kids tell me I look “young” and I feel young, so why not? Yes, I’ll still watch those Disney Movies, I’ll still buy that fun Disney jewelry, and YES, I’m still going to save for the ONLY vacation I want to take this year, and that’s Disney World. You can be a Disney Princess or Prince at ANY age, so have fun, enjoy yourself, and celebrate all year long with me! Age has no place when it comes to all things Disney!

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  1. I love this! I feel the exact same! I was reading this to my husband this morning and he thought I wrote it! I will be turning the big 40 this summer and all I want to do is go to Disney. I Love anything and everything Disney and that won’t change with age. Thanks for writing how I feel!!

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