How Well Do You Know… Pinocchio?

February 8, 2014 ,

Yesterday, February 7th marked the 74th anniversary of the classic Disney animated adventure, Pinocchio. Rightfully thought of as one of the most well-made animated films of all time, Pinocchio’s characters, art, and music have endured the test of time; it remains as powerful of an experience today as it was in 1940.


In honor of the famous date, the Disney Insider put together a some trivia from the film.

1) How many artists contributed to the making of Pinocchio?

A) 9
B) 100
C) 500
D) 750

2) What is the name of the whale who swallows Pinocchio and Geppetto?

A) Humphrey
B) Blue
C) Monstro
D) Cleo

3) Pinocchio won two Academy Awards for its music, Best Song and Best Score. Which was the winning song?

A) When You Wish upon a Star
B) Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life for Me)
C) Give a little Whistle
D) I’ve Got No Strings

4) Pinocchio takes place in Italy, where “pinocchio” is the word for what?

A) Puppet
B) Pin cushion
C) Pine cone
D) A pasta dish

5) Though the film opened in 1940, when was author Carlo Collodi’s original written tale of Pinocchio first published?

A) 1802
B) 1840
C) 1866
D) 1881

6) What is the name of Gepetto’s pet cat in the film?

A) Cleo
B) Figaro
C) Monstro
D) Blue

7) Whenever he tells a lie, Pinocchio’s nose famously grows. But how many scenes in the film actually show off this magical effect?

A) 1
B) 3
C) 5
D) 7

8) What is Pinocchio sent off with on his first day of school?

A) A book and an apple
B) New suspenders
C) Directions
D) A lunch pail

9) At the end of the film, Jiminy Cricket is awarded a medal. What does it say?

A) 14k Gold Conscience Award
B) 18k Gold Conscience Award
C) 14k Gold Official Conscience
D) 18k Gold Official Conscience

10) In order to become a real boy, what are the three qualities Pinocchio must possess?

A) Honesty, Bravery, Chivalry
B) Truthfulness, Innocence, Kindness
C) Truthfulness, Bravery, Unselfishness
D) Honesty, Unselfishness, Kindness

Scroll down to see how you did!



1) D – Even by today’s standards, creating Pinocchio was a monumental effort.
2) C – The pair escape by building a fire inside the whale, causing him to sneeze them out.
3) A – “When You Wish upon a Star” became one of Disney’s most famous melodies of all time.
4) C – Pine cone, otherwise known as thing that falls off a tree and hits you in the head.
5) D – Collodi sadly did not live to see the incredible success of his story, 60 years later.
6) B – Gepetto’s cat is named Figaro, and his fish is named Cleo.
7) A – It might be a single scene, but it sure is a memorable one.
8) A – Pinocchio carries a book and an apple with him to school.
9) D – The medal reads: 18k Gold Official Conscience.
10) D – The three qualities are honesty, unselfishness, and kindness.

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