“Monstrous” Battle at the Box Office!

June 21, 2013



After, what seems like forever, the day is finally here.  Months and months of promotion and marketing have led us up to today, the box office opening of the much anticipated “Monsters University.”  As most of you know, Disney has been plugging this film in a big way.  Since announcing the “Monstrous Summer” campaign for Disney Parks, I’ve seen Monsters University everywhere!  From cleaning products, to fruit snacks, to Mike and Sulley toys at just about every major store, I think Disney has more than reminded us of this film coming out!

That being said, it looks to be a Monstrous weekend at the box office for Disney!  The 3D prequel to 2001’s “Monsters Inc.” is expected to open with around $70 million over the three days and give Pixar its 14th consecutive No. 1, analysts say.  Not surprising.   Brad Pitt’s zombie thriller “World War Z” is gaining momentum and could open as high as $50 million at the box office this weekend, but Disney’s “Monsters University” looks too tough to catch.  It’s going to be hard to trump Disney.  The reigning No. 1 film, “Man of Steel,”  is projected to finish with around $50 million in its second weekend.  Number 3 maybe?

It seems like the box office goes through spurts of  just “ho hum” movies, nothing super exciting, then BOOM!  Summer comes along, and the box office explodes!  It will be interesting to see the numbers after this weekend, and the weekends to follow, with all the major movies coming out.  Don’t forget, Disney has another highly anticipated film coming out in just over a week, “The Lone Ranger!”  The Long Ranger will take the competition head on over the July 4th long weekend, and I assume it will do well.  With Johnny Depp as “Tonto,” Disney buffs have been waiting for this one as well.  Disney hasn’t pushed this film as much as they have with Monsters University, but with the star power behind The Lone Ranger, they may not have had to!  We shall shortly see.

All in all, this summer looks to be pretty profitable for the Walt Disney Company.  I loved Monsters Inc.  When my kids were small, they watched it so many times, I know the words almost as well as Mike and Sulley do!  So, today’s the day for more Monsters, and the boys are itching to get to the theater!  If you’re battling the crowds for a good seat this weekend, enjoy your show!  Let’s hope Monsters University is great, and worth all the hype and anticipation we’ve all had since the idea was first announced.  Have fun!


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