Easier “Traffic” Flow at the New Fantasyland!

June 1, 2013


People love the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. It’s always great to have something new to see, more to explore, etc. The only downside, is that higher crowds and thicker traffic flow also come with the territory of a new attraction. Months ago, Disney said that there were ways to remedy the situation, and one way was creating a new walkway for guests to use!

The walkway between New Fantasyland’s Enchanted Forest and Storybook Circus is now open to guests. The walkway connects the area outside of the Little Mermaid attraction to the entrance of Storybook Circus. The great part is that it allows guests to enter and exit that area of Fantasyland from both sides. The path has been open during busy periods in the past year, but has not remained open on a continual basis. The new walkway also provides additional stroller parking for the area, which will also help the crowded situation. Let’s hope the new walkway makes things easier, and creates a better flow of guests so that checking out the New Fantasyland is more enjoyable for all!

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