Ticket Prices go up at WDW, higher at Magic Kingdom

June 2, 2013


New Pricing for Disney Parks began today, June 2, 2013.  Effective immediately, Magic Kingdom single day ticket will be priced $5 higher than the other Walt Disney World parks.

A single day Magic Kingdom ticket will be $95 for an adult, with the other three parks costing $90 for an adult single day ticket. Child prices are $89 for the Magic Kingdom, and $84 for the other parks. All prices exclude tax.  So, all the Parks are going up in price, but the MK is a bit higher.  Maybe because it’s the most busiest of the 4, or because of the New Fantasyland that’s in, or what’s still being built?  Not sure.  Regardless of the reason, MK is getting  higher price hike.

Some maybe say being that it’s only a few extra dollars per person, that it shouldn’t be a big deal.  I understand that.  But, I also understand that most of us come from an area of the country that really could use those extra dollars to keep for ourselves.  It already takes me, and others I know, quite a long time to be able to save up money to travel to Disney.  If Disney keeps jacking up their prices, it’s going to take people even longer to save up.  I hope that the higher ups at Disney don’t make it too expensive or much more harder for regular families to be able to go and enjoy a vacation.  I guess we shall see!

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