“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” all set with new Directors!

May 31, 2013



We reported earlier this year that “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” was officially a “go” from Disney, but we have been waiting for all the pieces to fall into place.  Disney had stated a July 10, 2015 release date, but they still had not confirmed who would be Directing the film, until now.

Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg have been named as the Directors for the upcoming film.  The acclaimed directors of last year’s adventure movie “Kon-Tiki” have nabbed the high-profile assignment of directing the fifth installment of Disney’s multibillion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, starring our beloved Johnny Depp.

Truthfully, until yesterday I had never heard of either of these Directors.   I’ve never seen or heard of the film “Kon-Tiki” either.  Kon-Tiki, was nominated for a best foreign film Oscar, and dramatized Thor Heyerdal’s infamous 1947 Pacific crossing on a raft. The project showed the duo could handle the rigors of a water shoot, something that has dry-docked more-experienced directors.  So, with that background, I suppose the choice makes sense!

We are extremely excited about the next installment of “Pirates” and will bring you more information, of course, as we hear!  Oh, and Happy Jar of Dirt Friday to you all as well!

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