Even MORE “Free Dining” at Disney?

May 30, 2013



Social Media has been all a “buzz” lately with talks of more Free Dining offers for Fall at Walt Disney World.  Why is this you ask?  The stir is stemming from people who have been getting “PIN Code” offers for certain upcoming dates, of which Dining is included in said offer.  Personally, I have gotten no such code… (bummer).  There are many who have, whether it be through the mail or sent in a promotional e-mail, and the dates include much more travel window options, rather than just the dates in September.

I have had many TMSM Members send me messages, asking if I had heard any breaking news regarding more dates for dining this Fall.  So far, nothing official.  As you know, I won’t say anything is a “done deal” at Disney unless I have the green light, I don’t want to upset the House of Mouse, or bring our Members bad information.  That being said, the rumor mill is a’churning…… it’s spreading like wildfire.   The dates being thrown around are for the last week in August, select weeks in October and November, as well as early December.  Again, it’s just “talk.”

At this point in time, I can not say if any of the gossip is true.  I know a lot of us are hoping for additional dining dates.  IF, and I say “if” history repeats itself, we may find out in July.  The only reason I say that, is when I had gotten my College of Disney Knowledge Certification, I knew last year that more Free Dining was going to be announced in July.  I knew this in June, but couldn’t say.  Granted, I am NOT a Travel Agent, I needed to devote myself to this site and our followers, no time to book trips.  However, I do have some friends who are in Disney Travel, and of course will let me know the scoop if they hear something.

So….. what do you think?  More Fall Free Dining….. fact or fiction?  No one knows for sure.  Earlier this year, the talk was that Disney wasn’t going to offer any Free Dining at ALL for 2013, they wanted to cut back.  Well, that rumor wasn’t true either.  It’s so hard to predict, and be 100% accurate.  I will tell you this though, TMSM has our ears open as to the latest news and offers, and will of course alert our Members as soon as we hear something.  Be sure to sign up for our TMSM Mailing List to be among the first to receive any Breaking News!  Stay Tuned, and keep those fingers crossed!

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