E-Ticket Series Part 4, Haunted Mansion by Ariel1236

April 10, 2013




E-Tickets Series by Ariel1236

This is the fourth of my articles are about the E-Ticket rides. For those of us too young to remember, the E-Ticket was the most coveted ticket in the ticket book a guest would buy. E-Tickets were for the biggest and best rides in the park. In June 1982 the ‘ticket’ system was replaced with the current system.

E-Tickets: Music from Somewhere Beyond

Molly wasn’t into the classics like her mom, Jane, or pirates and jungles like her brothers. She is a little unusual, as her friends called her. So when she first walked in front of the 18th Century Hudson River Valley Mansion and heard the thunder and saw the lightning, she was fascinated. She was also impressed with how Mark Davis and Claude Coats combined the scary and funny into one great ride. You can feel the difference as you flow through ride from the Coffin Room to the party in the Graveyard. Molly was also a chess player and swore that on the roof of the mansion were huge chess pieces.

Molly, after her first trip, dug into the mansions history. She was interested in how Walt Disney wanted the mansion as a type of walkthrough museum. Molly would have loved to see what Disney would have done with a museum. There was also supposed to be a restaurant but that never happen. Molly thought it would have been really cool to eat in the ballroom with the dueling ghosts and the dancing couples. Molly loved the new queue that was installed in May 2011, with the new tombstones, the musical wall, the bookcase, and of course the big bathtub.

Molly loved all the different special effects used. The busts in the Library are not really busts at all, the portraits in the Portrait Hallway are all about lighting, and the Ballroom is all about the cloth, also known as Pepper’s Ghost. The Crypt is smoke and mirrors- well more mirrors than smoke, just like the Never-ending Hallway and the Séance Circle is a little bit of everything. Molly was disappointed that she would never get to see the Hatbox Ghost in the Attic; she knew it was just a lighting trick but it would have been cool to see it. She was among the many who want him to return.*

`Haunted Mansion Tin Attraction Poster

*I have tried to the best of my ability not to spoil any effects but I wanted to show the variety used in just one attraction.

**I also must give credit to doombuggies.com and haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/ . Both are excellent resources.

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