How many of us still call Disney’s Hollywood Studios “MGM”? Today is the anniversary of last day of existence for Disney-MGM Studios. January 6, 2008 was it for MGM. As of tomorrow, the Disney World park will be called Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Not much else changed when the name of the park was switched, so why bother changing it? I’ll give you the best explanation that I can!

Back when the theme park was first thought of, Disney wanted to capture the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was supposed to be all about film nostalgia, and MGM was a pretty significant part of early motion pictures. MGM was also built to somewhat compete with Univeral Studios, Florida. Attractions like the Great Movie Ride really signify what MGM was supposed to be about. As time went on, MGM Studios actually left the movie business, and sold to Sony. What did that mean for the partnering of Disney and MGM, if MGM was no longer? Instead of changing things up right away, it took quite a few years for the name change to take place. In the meantime, new attractions were added that incorporated more than just movies.

As the park changed, it really didn’t fit it’s original mold. The idea of early Hollywood sort of took a backseat to what was happening in modern times. Because of all the changes, and due to the end of the contract years before, January 6, 2008 was a perfect time to take the jump and switch from Disney-MGM Studios to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new name fit much better. The name flowed with the current state of the park, focusing on not only movies, but music, television, and other forms of entertainment.

So, even though it’s been since 2008, some die hard Disney Fans still call Disney’s Hollywood Studios “MGM”. Just like the fans, old habits die hard too. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone, change is hard. Call it what you want, it was still the same park on January 7, 2008. Disney has continued to add new updates to the park since the name change. I personally feel they need to add even more attractions now, as some changes are good. What do you think of DHS? Do they need to do more to keep our attention? Feel free to share your opinions!

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6 thoughts on “From MGM to Hollywood Studios”
  1. Hollywood Studios used to be my favorite park when I was younger. It has now been replaced by Epcot. I think Hollywood Studios definitely needs new attractions! And maybe change out the Beauty and the Beast show. It is done wonderfully, and is Broadway-caliber(as a theatre person, I go to NYC often to see shows and it is very comparable!) but it’s old. Yes, it’s a timeless story. But why not replace it with Aladdin? Disney’s California Adventure Park does a fantastic Aladdin show!(which Disney needs to produce on Broadway!) and I would love to see that in Florida, as I frequent the Florida parks much more often. Hollywood Studios also needs some bigger rides, Rock n Roller Coaster was a fantastic add, why not more coasters? And like everyone else, I also think they should use the streets area for something else other than gift shops for the holidays! A Cars Land would be fantastic!

  2. I bet with the theme park rights of Lord of the Rings Universal recently got, you’ll start seeing a big push for a star wars section at hollywood studios

  3. Maybe a WDW version of Carsland 😉 ?? I love the idea of making that area something more than gift shops that are only used during the holidays when the osborne lights are up.

  4. Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite parks, but the additions that they have made just do not seem very cohesive with the original attractions that were developed. My biggest complaint about this amazing park is New York St. in the Streets of America. Something needs to be done to this area. Right now it just seems so empty.

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