As most of you have heard, Disney is going to be launching a new system using “MagicBands” to wear on your wrist. The MyMagic+ rubber bracelet will be encoded with the guests credit card information, personal details like your name and what you’re celebrating, and have your room and ticket info loaded as well. This is supposed to make things “easier” for guests, being able to scan their bracelet to purchase items, get into the parks, and even incorporate the Fast Pass system. The new system is set to launch this Spring at Walt Disney World. There hasn’t been any word yet on when it will be implemented at the other Disney Parks.

Seems easy, right? Well, not everyone is excited for this newest addition. People are concerned about security breaches, confusion on how and where to use the bracelet, and the whole idea of a “tracking system” during your stay at the WDW Resort. I think that’s the part that bothers me. The tracking system. It’s like Big Brother watching our every move while on vacation. I mean, I understand why they want to do it. The wristbands will allow Disney to see what attractions are most visited, how people spend their time on property, and see which items are being most purchased. So, I do see both sides of the equation here.

I think change in general can be hard. We all are used to getting our Key to the World at check-in, with our names on each card, and our packet of pamphlets. I like that, and I always save the cards! Soon we’ll get wristbands. MagicBand users can reserve VIP seating for special events and register their names for identification by Disney characters, among other things. Many of these options can be done before guests even arrive at Disney. Those are good changes, right? Maybe so.

A lot of us Disney people are creatures of habit. We do things the same way, in the same order each time we visit Disney. There will be some adjusting to do. Still, some don’t find the wristbands convenient, they find them to be creepy. I am undecided. I think having to actually use the new system is the only way to know how to feel. It’s hard to speculate if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We have to trust that Disney knows what they’re doing here. So, maybe the next time we go on vacation, we’ll be coming home without our personalized cards. It will be interesting to see the feedback on the new system and how it all plays out. Until then, we wait, speculate, debate. MyMagic+… cool or creepy? You decide!

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10 thoughts on “Disney’s new wristbands… thumbs up or down?”
  1. Personally, I think it’s no different than the Keys to the World Card. That card has a code that links to your credit card. You can turn on charge capabilities for different people in your room, including kids. As far as tracking your movements, again, the card does the same thing. It logs every store you shop at, where you ate, and what you got a FP for. I like the GPS feature. I imagine that that is for lost children. That’s a good way to find lost or even kidnapped children while on property. I bet lost cards is a huge problem right now.

    Now if only there was a reward program or frequent flyer recognition for returning guests… 🙂 …I’ve been waiting for that one for awhile.

  2. While I don’t mind Disney knowing where I am or what I am buying, I worry about the security of all my information. My other major concern with this wristband is that I know my kids will not keep it on and I wouldn’t like to wear it all day either. (I don’t even wear a watch when I am there because it it uncomfortable). I would prefer putting my card on a keychain or in a lanyard around my neck.
    I was just about to hit submit and a thought crossed my mind…..my kids catch on pretty quick, as most kids do. Once they see me scan my wristband a few times when I am buying something, I know they’re gonna try it too! LOL ºoº

  3. If it’s something that you have to keep on the entire trip, my husband and son are going to HATE it! Even I can’t imagine having it on for the entire week.
    We’ll see how we like it come March. I’m very excited about the new technology though and very curious to see how it works!

  4. If what I’ve heard is correct about them being GPS equipped, that’s a little creepy. But I’m not exactly concerned about Disney knowing where I’m going within WDW. What I do like about it is, that if your kiddo gets lost, they’ll be able to find him/her.
    I think the charge amount requiring a signature should definately be lowered. Someone could make alot of charges under $50 and get away with it.

  5. Not sure about this one. My first thought was how much will that thing stink after 5, 7 10 days of sweat. How likely will it be that you will want to wear it during a summer visit?

  6. I have read that your credit card number is not actually on the Magicband – that made me feel better. it is just a code that goes to the disney computer so if someone is “skimming” the bands they just get a code.

    there is suppose to be an opt out thing so you could change it to a key chain or card

    as a mom of austic boys – I would love the band for me & my husband but will change the boys to cards since I know my youngest will throw in it the river, lake, pool or splash mt

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