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New Trailer – Toy Story 4 – Watch here!

New Trailer - Toy Story 4 - Watch here! 1 News hit today of a brand new full length trailer for Toy Story 4 and a new poster! Check both of them out below: The toys hit the road in “Toy Story 4” alongside friends—new and old—foes and, of course, Forky. Filmmakers welcomed Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves and Ally Maki to the toy box today, revealing the three new characters they help bring to life. ABOUT “TOY STORY 4”: Woody (voice of Tom Ha Continue Reading

Own Your Own Disney Brick

Own Your Own Disney Brick 3 With the brand new changes coming to the guest entrance areas of Magic Kingdom and the Ticket and Transportation Center, Disney has announced that the Walk Around the World bricks will start being removed soon. These hexagonal bricks were once available for purchase, and so many Disney fans in general jumped on the opportunity to have their names etched as a piece of history at the park. These treasured bricks felt Continue Reading

Goodbye Disney Vault?

Goodbye Disney Vault? 8 Hello Main Streeters, Happy Thursday and welcome back. If you have been a collector of Disney movies and you currently have a stockpile of rare and unopened VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray copies of classic animated films thinking they are going to one day provide you with a huge monetary payout. I have some news for you, it’s time to put them up for sale right now, or consider them a nice collectible with possibly litt Continue Reading

Little Known Ways to Score a Disney Dooney

Little Known Ways to Score a Disney Dooney 12 Hello Main Streeters and welcome back! Let’s talk about one of the most beloved collaborations in Disney fashion, The Disney Dooney & Bourke bags. I’m going to give you a little bit of history on these iconic handbags and little known ways you too can score yourself rare vintage and current hard to find Disney Dooneys. Disney and Dooney have been creating magical handbags together since 2009, and le Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about Disney+

Everything you need to know about Disney+ 16 Happy Thursday and welcome back Main Streeters. I’ve been keeping a watchful eye out on everything you need to know about Disney’s new streaming service called Disney Plus (Disney+), which is slated as 2019’s top priority for the House of Mouse. If you love getting your Disney fix from the streaming service Netflix, your days of accessing new and original Disney content are numbered. With this ne Continue Reading

Celebrating Villaintines Day

Celebrating Villaintines Day 20 Happy Thursday Main Streeters, and welcome back. Today is Valentine’s Day, a holiday giving us the opportunity to spoil those we care about the most with chocolates, balloons, cards, and gifts all in the name of celebrating love. Aside from Valentine’s Day, I’m sure you’ve heard of Galentine’s Day too. Galentine’s is an unofficial “holiday” made popular by the show Pa Continue Reading

The Disney-fied Deadpool?

The Disney-fied Deadpool? 24 Happy Thursday Main Streeters and welcome back. We reported to you a while ago that Disney got the green light to acquire 21 Century Fox. Doing so gave them the rights to the movie and TV studios, as well as other assets and Fox’s 30% share of HULU. This acquisition came at an astronomical price tag of $71.3 Billion. Yes, Billion. With the purchase, fans of the Deadpool franchise (which was produced by 21 Cen Continue Reading

Mickey True Original Merch

Mickey True Original Merch 28 Collectors and Mickey aficionados rejoice! There is no shortage of Mouse Merch rolling out at the parks to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday. The buzz around new park products and the lines to purchase said items have been heavily reported on. Many times the demand is so high that the coveted items sell out in an hour and take weeks to be restocked, if they are ever brought back at all; prime example the most Continue Reading

Are you ready for Monday Foolish Mortals?

Are you ready for Monday Foolish Mortals? 31 Re-post to remind you that we will have Jason Surrell on our show tomorrow! Good evening Main Streeters, and welcome back to all you Foolish Mortals. It’s only fitting that my weekly Thursday blog should happen to fall on the 31st of the month, and Oh my Ghost Host!… There are only nine more months to Halloween [even though Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets are already on sale], and fo Continue Reading

Disney’s Year of the Ear ~ Displaying Your Ears!

Disney's Year of the Ear ~ Displaying Your Ears! 37 If you’ve been following our live merchandise coverage at Disney Springs, and have been watching our TMSM Live Monday shows, we have been bringing you the latest and greatest from Disney on what they are calling their “Year of the Ear”. With so many cute styles coming out, we’ve had some fun discussions popping up in our TMSM Fan Nation about how to display and organize your ears. Let’ Continue Reading

Disney and the Live Action Remake Machine

Disney and the Live Action Remake Machine 49 Happy Thursday Main Streeters! Welcome back. Grab your favorite popcorn bucket, and pop that corn, because tonight’s blog is going to take you to the movies. No doubt, Disney is a film and screen powerhouse, a literal box office crusher. No matter what comes out of the studios, we are hardly ever disappointed. On the contrary we are transported into the most beautiful depths of imagination. However, it seems Continue Reading