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Leave A Legacy “Walls” Moved at Epcot (photos)

Leave A Legacy “Walls” Moved at Epcot (photos) 1 Walt Disney World is undergoing so many exciting changes. There is something happening all across property. Whether it’s new attractions being built, or certain areas getting a makeover, you can see how much work is going into creating fresh experiences for guests. Take Epcot for example. There are two new rides being added, Guardians of the Galaxy in Future World and a Ratatouille attraction by the France pavili Continue Reading

Tuesday’s With Corey ~ Leave A Legacy

Tuesday's With Corey ~ Leave A Legacy 5 Have you ever found yourself walking into EPCOT, saw the granite megaliths and thought to yourself “why in the world are there big slabs with all these faces right here”? Well if you have, then you’re in for a treat because we’re going to see why these were erected. So sit back and enjoy this month’s article on EPCOT’s Leave a Legacy. As everyone was preparing for the roll over into the new millennium Continue Reading
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